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Tree Services

For an experienced tree surgeon in Colchester


Tree felling can be dangerous, that’s why is pays to call in the experts to ensure work is carried out safely and professionally. When pruning and reshaping a tree our number one goal is to consider what is best for the tree, and performing a service that leaves your tree healthy and in great shape for the future.


Our team are National Proficiency Test Council (NPTC) qualified and our Managing Director holds the Royal Forestry Society’s Certificate in Arboriculture (RFS) so you really are in capable hands. We also hold full public liability insurance and are approved by the Essex County Council Approved, for extra peace of mind.


We offer private and commercial arboriculture services in Colchester and beyond, including:

Crown Reduction

Reduces the spread of the crown as well as the height. Approximately 10-30% of the volume is removed to give an overall smaller size.


Crown Lifting
Pruning or removing lower branches to achieve a desired vertical clearance above ground level.

Crown Thinning
Removing branches within the crown, to enhance the shape and balance and produce an even density of foliage around a well spaced and balanced branch structure.


Dead wooding
Dead branches are shortened or removed if they pose an unacceptable risk to people or property.

Crown Clean
The removal of dead, dying or diseased wood right through to stumps of broken branches, unwanted epicormic shoots, climbing plants etc.


Sectional Dismantling
Used when it is impractical to fell the whole tree at once. The tree is slowly and gradually dismantled using rigging equipment, cranes, tree winches and other specialist techniques.

Tree Stump Removal
The stump is cut down as low to the ground as possible before being ground out. Stumps and roots are ground into chippings/mulch causing minimum disturbance to the surrounding area.

Wood chips
We can supply wood chips for your garden.

Emergency tree call out service

If you’ve suffered damage following severe weather or have a dying tree that is causing concern, call in the experts at Bluetrees for a reactive and safe emergency tree removal service.



We can carry out regular maintenance, shaping and trimming of your hedges to keep them looking in great shape.


If you are based in Colchester or Ipswich and require a qualified tree surgeon or hedge maintenance, call the experts at Bluetrees Complete Tree Services on 01206 228214 or 07779 248919.

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